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Did you come here because you read the title? Today is the day where you will be left flabbergasted. There are so many children in the world, all of them with their unique sense of understanding things and being an adorable bundle of joy. But as in when these kids grew, their minds also grew, and with that, we were grouped and divided based on their likes and dislikes. Some were the popular, rich, the show-offs, and lastly the nerds. All had their good and bad, but it is said for ages that people had power over innocent nerds. They are just anti-social and have zero social skills. But the time has come where people stop disrespecting the nerds and the overall community and join us by being a member of – So Nerdy.

Brief – If I have grabbed your attention till here, wait as there’s more! This is an online site that is so wholesome and is exclusively for the inner geeks and nerds out there. They may be nerds but they are smart and have a knack and a deep level understanding of IT, computers, technology, application software, electronic gadgets, guides, and even provide you with deep-rooted articles.

Topics – One would be amazed to know that this site makes the impossible, possible. If there are concepts that one person isn’t able to understand you can read related articles here on So Nerdy is a simple yet effective way and conjugate the meanings. Some of the topics that attract the readers are –

  • Computers – Understanding of the CPU, AM3 processor, Case fan, best motherboard, gaming computers that sell for a cheap price, gaming mouse, etc.
  • Gadgets – They give you the latest updates on the new and cool electronic gadgets that are introduced in the market. For example – The best headset, wireless gaming keyboard, universal remote, and firestick.
  • Mobile – They deal with all kinds of Operating systems (OS) in the mobile, right from giving you the details of the product to the pros and cons to look out for before buying.
  • General – This is a category where they keep it dedicated to different programs, games, software updates, and installation of games and even helps you understand hidden features in social media apps that you may not know of.
  • Reviews – This is the final part where they publish articles that have customer reviews of those products that they have used.

Conclusion – With So Nerdy, one can gain and learn so much at the same time, this imparted knowledge will be then influential to others as well.