Construction services imply a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities in the course of the building process from design, planning, alteration, demolition, and so on.

Vetcon Constructions Services, Inc provides construction services as per the needs of individuals, firms or groups, regions, and communities in every country. 

There exist several steps from starting to the closure of the projects. Some are explained below

  1. Phase 1 – pre-construction service
  • As soon as the new project starts the team has to analyse many aspects connected to it. The team have understood the below points before starting, they are
  • Understanding the project cost approximately and plan of the project
  • Type of building permits needed
  • Analyse the plan and suggest according to its requirement whether to go for renovation, demolition, or construction
  • The period required to complete
  • Require to study traffic
  • A clear plan to handle materials and certification process
  1. Phase -2

In this phase strong and understanding collaboration between various employees and agents is required for the smooth execution of the project. This can be divided into three parts,


  • Developing project designs and estimating required materials, and equipment is done by engineers and architect
  • Finalise the best option with regard o labour, material, and time
  • Getting all the building permits needed and taking care of all contractual agreements.
  • Preparing a functional schedule for the project
  • Finalising the right people for the job

Vetcon Constructions Services, Inc


  • Following all safety standards
  • Quality control
  • Regular discussion of agents, owners, consultants
  • Maintaining cost account

Phase -3 Post construction

  • Resolving construction disputes
  • Taking care of warranty and attend any type of problem on site
  • Checking the building services like power, electricity,, water and gas
  • Fire protection and lift, escalators, ventilation, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, security, drainage, sensor installation, building connectivity, and so on.

Closure of the project

If coordination is maintained among everyone from top officials to the laborers to achieve success and customer satisfaction.